Setting up my Raspberry Pi as a home server

Today it’s almost precisely two years since I bought myself a Raspberry Pi thinking I was going to change the world and make something really cool. Nothing really came of it. Apparently I didn’t have the imagination to build anything out of the ordinary, so I ended up making it into an EmulationStation using RetroPie. […]

Running VMWare Tools on boot in Arch Linux

Lately I’ve been playing around with Arch Linux in VMWare Player and after having a lot of issues with the VMWare Tools, with getting them to work and then having to manually start them at each reboot, I came up with this solution to have them run at boot: Create a systemd service which handles […]

Playing around with docks in Ubuntu

After growing a bit tired of the regular Gnome interface I thought that I would spice it all up by trying to ad a dock to hold all my launchers and such. This made me go search for all kinds of different possibilities and as always the Ubuntu Forums is a great place to start […]