A list of Tolkien styled Orc names

I can’t remember exactly when, but once I stumbled into the website Orcs.ca. This site was a great resource for names for my orcs when I play World of Warcraft. Since the page seem to have gone offline, I’ve decided to make a copy of the list that used to be here: http://orcs.ca/orcsmain/resourcename.html Abghat Adgulg […]

Booting Ubuntu with systemd boot instead of GRUB2

After I’ve been playing around with Arch Linux for quite a while I’ve come to really like booting with systemd boot. It’s fast, very simple to maintain and not as finicky to play around with as GRUB2. So I set myself the challenge of changing my HTPC running Xubuntu from GRUB2 to systemd boot because […]

Back to Vanilla

Since Blizzard announced World of Warcraft Classic back in november, I’ve been having an itch for running around in Stranglethorn Vale for hours while getting relentlessly ganked by high levels.  I’ve longed for some of the old, now replaced, music in the zones (ie. the music in pre-Cataclysm Barrens). Also, I’ve never really been a […]