Rooting a Samsung Galaxy S3

My trusty old work phone, the rather useless HTC Desire S, was no longer long for this world. It had developed a rather common problem with smartphones when they reach a certain age, the battery only held charge for around 2 hours. I wont deny that I was not the first owner of it here at work, so the former owner might have mishandled it.

Any way, this meant that I got myself a new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3. The phone itself is pretty nice, indeed compared to the old HTC phone. The size means that reading work mail on it actually is possible without squinting. It does have problems however and people who actually own a Samsung smartphone can probably sign to the abundant quantities of bloatware they fill their phones with.

It was so bad, that I felt the need to disable most of them, as it was cluttering my menu, loads of useless game apps and for some reason a plethora of Korean only apps that I couldn’t use, update or even disable. This meant, that to get peace of mind, I had to root the phone. Remembering back in the days how annoyingly difficult it was back in the days, I was very pleasantly surprised that it was easy and painless with this phone. Simply following the guide on Androidxda and I was up and running in less than 5 minutes.

So what did I do after rooting? Not too much really. I disabled loads of Samsung bloatware (since deleting it wouldn’t be the best idea as I don’t actually own the phone) and only kept their S Planner, which I really like as it gives a more Outlook like overview of the calendar as I’m used to.

All in all, I’m pleased it was so painless and happy that I now can hold the home button to get open apps instead of some stupid Samsung talk agent.